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An excellent machine for randonneuring or gravel racing; lightweight, efficient power transmission, wide tire clearance for speed and comfort, durable and compatible with critical components and accessories; nearly perfect.

Here is an overview of the Calfee Adventure;

We are very excited to introduce the Calfee Adventure. Click here to view geometry and features. We debuted this model in Austin, TX at the 2011 NAHBS the weekend of Friday, February 25’th.  Monday after the show, we met for a ride with a group from Waco, TX.  We “enjoyed” a 110 mile ride on beautiful, rolling gravel roads.  This video captures the Calfee Adventure, comfortable in its intended environment.  Both the cycling press and cyclists themselves were thrilled with our execution; enjoy this coverage from James Huang, technical editor with, as well as this October 2011 review in Mountain Flyer Magazine, featuring our Bamboo Adventure.  Jan Heine, Editor of Bicycle Quarterly, published a review of our Tetra Adventure in the Autumn 2011 issue.  He hated to give it back.  Here is a link to the complete review.  Years later, Jan revisited our Tetra Adventure platform (Bicycle Quarterly, Vol.12 No.1, Autumn 2013), riding this very bicycle featuring 650x42mm tires, dual hydraulic disc brakes, and a generator hub.  His test ride; the Volcano High Pass 600 Super Randonnee.  His take-away, “…nearly perfect”.

Along these same lines, earlier this year, Zap and Neil at Road Bike Action asked us to build the frame module for a gravel road race project bike.  The challenge; build a bike that Neil (recently retired top domestic pro) could race to victory in a grueling gravel road race.  RBA’s October issue landed and here is a link to the 10 page feature.  Here is a link to complete online coverage of the bike, rider and race.  The results are in; Neil won the King of the Mountains competition and second overall in Crusher in the Tushar aboard this Dragonfly Adventure.  Our Dragonfly with Adventure frame options proved the “perfect” bicycle for the rigorous event.  This video captures Neil and the balance of the Pro field throughout the difficult day; rain, gravel, altitude.

Bicycle Quarterly put together an online flip book with 33 pages of sample articles. These include a report for a Super Randonnée 600 aboard our Tetra Adventure 650b (you can consume the complete ride review and bike test!) and Raymond Henry’s article about women in mid-century French randonneuring. As well, make certain to digest BQ’s article/accounting of “What Makes a Tire Fast” – a very interesting and instructive read! The Tetra Adventure featured in “Carbon Super Randonee” features components by SRAM and ENVE Composites. Check it out by clicking here.

While we’ve been building this road frame for years, we are only now formalizing its station in our model range. This frame is a high-tech take on a frame that has traditionally been built out of steel or, more recently, titanium. This frame may be described as a Randonneur; a bicycle built for performance through comfort. Our definition of “comfort”, at least in this instance, is “avoiding those things that make a rider go slow”. Consider how wide-tire clearance, full-wrap fenders, integrated lighting systems, optional luggage, enhanced stability and improved vibration dampening, among other features, might enhance “comfort” and then “performance”.

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