Calfee Road Tandems

The ultimate riding experience


For the racer in all of us

Boron Fiber • Lightest Frame
Frame & Fork: $12,500


The most durable and versatile

S&S Frame Couplers • Toughest Frame
Frame & Fork: $9,250


When Craig Calfee designed the first Carbon Fiber road bike in 1987, tandems may not have been on his mind. However, over 35 years later, we are implementing the same renowned carbon process that was developed all those years ago to create the world’s finest tandems. We implement every shred of knowledge and expertise gained throughout our long history to design a world class tandem cycle for the ultimate riding experience. Whether it be hunting down the top step of a podium, setting personal bests, or enjoying adventures as a team, Calfee has a tandem for you.