Big Adventure Tandem

Your adventures just got a whole lot bigger.

Frame & Fork Starting at $9,250

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50mm Tire Clearance

The Big Adventure Tandem sports a rugged platform design around 50mm of tire clearance. With more pneumatic suspension and more traction, there isn’t anywhere the Big Adventure can’t go.

Molded Chainstays and Seatstays

The Big Adventure Tandem utilizes molded chainstays and seatstays derived from our Cephal mountain bike to offer a more comfortable and controlled feel over harsher terrain. The layout is designed to be vertically complaint, yet torsionally stiff, offering a supple rear end feel that doesn’t compromise pedaling performance.

Updated Geometry

The Big Adventure geometry is designed around our pre-existing Adventure geometry, but with a few significant changes. Slacker angles and minimized toe overlap means that this tandem rides more confidently than any other tandem we’ve ever produced. Check out our updated geometry here.

Travel Friendly

Utilizing S&S couplers, you can now conveniently travel with your tandem to wherever your adventure takes you. We incorporate couplers directly into your tubing, allowing you to split up your tandem into two or three separate pieces. When you’re piling your tandem into the back of your car for a road trip, or traveling half-way across the globe for a race, the coupler design makes your adventure just that much more travel friendly.

Build Kits

Our expert-selected build kits utilize your favorite components from the likes of SRAM, Shimano, Campagnolo, and more to deliver a well rounded package while eliminating the guess work related to tandem construction and specifications. Each unique build kit is thoroughly tested to ensure maximum reliability and performance. See available build kits for this model.


Build Kits

Technical Specs

Industry Leading Warranty

It’s no secret that Calfee Design bicycles last a long time. We understand the importance of longevity in the cycling world, and engineer are frames to withstand the test of time. This is not a guarantee we take lightly. All new Calfee Design bicycles are backed by a 25 year warranty.

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Traveling with your Big Adventure Tandem?

Tetra With One Set Of Couplers


One set of couplers splits your tandem into two separate pieces, allowing for easy storage in your garage or car. One set of couplers installed on your new tandem retails for $1250.

Tetra With Two Sets of Couplers

Two sets of couplers splits your tandem into three separate pieces, allowing for easy long-distance travel via planes or other tight traveling situations. Two sets of couplers installed on your new tandem retails for $2500.

Calfee Coupler System
Loosening Coupler
Disconnect the top coupler

Travel Cases

Custom engineered had-shell traveling cases to protect and pack your tandem. Travel case come fitted with tube protective wrapping to fit your specific tandem, custom fork mount, wheel bag, frame mounting points. Have peace-of-mind that your tandem is safe and secure during travel!