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Our Dragonfly tandem, which is available in our Road or Adventure categories, represents the best that Calfee can offer. Unmatched and unparalleled, your dream bike made just for you!

Our Dragonfly tubing uses high modulus carbon fiber (66 msi) co-mingled with Boron fiber to build the lightest possible tandem bicycle frame without sacrificing stiffness, durability and ride quality.  Our Dragonfly tandem frame, size Large/Medium, weighs only 2900 grams or 6.25 pounds.


Our Tetra Tandem provides the characteristics of a lightweight race bike, but with the durability to handle all types of terrain; from road riding in the Alps to aggressive trail riding on our full-suspension tandem. The Tetra can do it all.

Our Tetra tubing is built with an intermediate modulus carbon (42 and 55 msi) at 3160 grams or 6.8 pounds in a Large/Medium.  Notably, there is no weight limit on either our Dragonfly or Tetra tandem frames; certain tandem teams might benefit from enhanced frame stiffness, a $300 option. The Dragonfly might be described as livelier owing to the lighter, stiffer tube set.  The thicker walls and lower cost of the ($6,195 for the Tetra compare to $8,295 for the Dragonfly) make the Tetra a popular choice for teams who opt for couplers.

Why carbon fiber?

Given carbon’s inherent qualities, why not?  From our Technical White Paper:  Carbon fiber exhibits the most desirable performance characteristics of any of the frame-building materials explored to date.   It can be designed to be laterally stiff under heavy pedaling forces and still be light. It can absorb road shocks well, and still handle crisply while efficiently delivering complete power to the drive train. It can be durable and not subject to fatigue failures while remaining strong enough to stand up to unexpected impacts and torsion forces. It can lend itself to attractive finishing and resist corrosion or attack by the elements. And it can be formed in an attractive, functional way allowing it to move through air resistance easily.  In summary; a bike frame with carbon fiber tubing can be stronger, lighter, stiffer, more fatigue resistant and more comfortable than a steel, aluminum, magnesium, titanium or hybrid-carbon tubing bicycle.  Our tandem frame design leverages the beneficial and intrinsic attributes of the carbon fiber material to manifest the best riding, and looking, tandem bicycles in the world.


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