Carbon Repair

Carbon Repair FAQ

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What do you repair?

We perform carbon fiber repairs on carbon fiber bicycle frames. If you have a special project or an uncommon repair request, please contact us at to determine if we can help.

What we will not repair

Rejected repairs include: aluminum-to-carbon bonding, carbon handlebars, forks, seat posts/integrated seat posts, stems, damage to carbon wheels, and metal frames.

Repairs we do not warranty:

Seat collar area, bottom bracket shell, integrated seat mast/seat post, front derailleur mounting area on seat tubes.

What if I need my frame back faster?

We have a rush service available for carbon repair, depending on the season. It is best to contact us directly about this service.

Do I need to include the fork?

No.  Please do not ship a fork unless we request it, or you want the fork to be refinished.

What is your lead time?

Our current lead time from the day of payment is approximately 3 to 4 weeks including paint; approximately 2 weeks for an unfinished repair. Electronic Retrofits are approximately 4 weeks.

What is your warranty on the repaired area?

Repairs have a 10 year warranty against defects from the original date of the service. This does not cover normal wear-and-tear, impacts, or abuse.  Please see our complete carbon repair warranty policy here.

What do you repaint?

We typically only repaint the area impacted from the carbon repair.

Can you repaint my entire frame?

Absolutely! The best way to get started is to send us photos of your frame and ideas of the paint scheme you have in mind.

Will my frame weigh more after the repair?

Your frame may gain a small amount of weight; however it is typically minimal, around 10 grams or less.

Will my frame ride different?

Your frame’s ride characteristics will not be influenced by our carbon repair, though the affected area is generally stronger than before. We’re careful to replicate the tube shape and orientation of the fibers to preserve the frame’s intended feel.

What brands have you repaired?

We have repaired ALL brands of carbon fiber bicycle frames. Yes, ALL.

How do I pack my carbon bicycle frame?

Calfee Design 1-800-965-2171