How Do I Order a Calfee Tandem?

We would like to make it very easy for you to order a Calfee bike. You can order direct from Calfee.

There are a number of details that you will need to consider when purchasing a Calfee;

  • Choose the correct size frame
  • Decide on the model (Dragonfly, Tetra, Bamboo)
  • Decide on the type (Road, Adv., Off-Road, 2in1, Fat Tire)
  • Designing the frame details (Shifting routing, Type of Brakes, etc.)
  • Outlining your paint scheme
  • Choosing the parts that fits your needs, wants, and budget 

Don’t worry, we can help you find the perfect match.

Calfee Tandem Order Form

If you are ready to discuss the options we provide, please fill in the form below and one of our expert sales staff will contact you shortly to go through the details.  You may also call Jason at (1-831-331-9532) or the office at (1-800-965-2171/831-728-1859). Please choose extension 20 for Jason.


Whether you’re a casual weekend rider or an experience bicycle racer, we believe every couple deciding to buy a Calfee should experience the services of a bicycle fit professional. Bike fit is a very important step in building a frame.  Fit is a small price to pay for comfort and functionality.


If you already have numbers, please forward any previous fit information to our sales staff when discussing the details.


Road – Our tandem road bikes are designed to feel like your modern single road frame, light and responsive.

Adventure – Where ever the road or off-road may take you, our adventure category will get you there.

Mountain – Our off-road tandems allow you to keep exploring where roads just stop and trails begin.

Fat Tire – Sand, dirt, or snow, the Fat Tire tandem will make it through the toughest of terrain.

2 in 1 Convertible – If you wish your tandem could also be a single for the captain, we can make this happen.


Yes, we offer complete bikes.  We work with as many aftermarket part manufacturers available so that we can offer the exact build details you desire.  We consider every detail when recommending all the items that make up your dream bike. *Complete Build Pricing Starting at $12,000 US*


Our current timeline, 11-12 weeks, has been optimized to best service all of our customer’s request.  Our goal is to deliver the best quality product, in a timely manner, without compromising the quality our customers expect.

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