Regardless of whether you ride a Calfee frame, you should ride a Calfee BarStem.


Purchase a Calfee Stock BarStem or you may also have any carbon bar and carbon stem laminated to create your very own Calfee BarStem, (BarStem Pricing). Any 31.8 diameter carbon fiber handlebar and stem can be made into a BarStem.


Introduced in 2010, our full-carbon BarStem features a Calfee-sourced bar and stem modified by Calfee. This full-carbon BarStem is lighter and eliminates the need to bond an aluminum clamp to a carbon stem extension. Weight weenies will enjoy our new SuperLight BarStem; we use 100 MSI carbon fiber to laminate exotic carbon handlebars from Schmolke or MCFK to modified Calfee or MCFK stems to achieve sub 230 gram complete BarStem weight. Consider the SuperLight BarStem ($500 with your bar and stem) on the 8.88 pound complete road bike from the tuners at Fair Wheel Bikes.

We’ve executed an integral mount for a Garmin a handful of ways; we’ve arrived at this convention (see gallery below). K-Edge manufactures a fantastic mount for a Garmin that we are happy to employ; we modify their handlebar clamp, retaining only what is required to ensure integrity in lamination and to preserve fore/aft adjustability. The quarter-turn component can easily be removed. You can select any color combination you like. This option will retail for $150, including the K-Edge mount.

Unlike competing products, our one piece BarStem allows the marriage of personalized and optimized individual components; lighter, stiffer, stronger, more absorbent and better fitting.

BarStem Benefits:

  • Safer use of carbon bars; no stem clamping abuse on the notch sensitive carbon (see warning below)
  • Lighter weight without loss of stiffness; 275-320 grams for a typical setup
  • Improved vibration dampening; more carbon = more vibration dampening
  • More comfortable; complete personalization of bar tilt and components improves fit
  • Personalized finish; BarStem unit can be finished to match the frame

For only $150 extra, we can add an aesthetic layer of hemp fiber to our full-carbon BarStem, to compliment our Bamboo frames. Enjoy a photo here.

Custom BarStem; if you’d like to set the angle of the bars (Bar Tilt) yourself, you’ll need to order a Custom BarStem. Send the exact bar with stem clamped in the position that you have tried and approved. If you’d like to purchase the bar directly through Calfee, we’re happy to mail you the bar for custom fitting.

Stock BarStem

Available BarStem combinations Bar width
Stem length/angle 40 42 44
80/+6 yes yes yes
80/-6 yes yes yes
90/+6 yes yes yes
90/-6 yes yes yes
100/+6 yes yes yes
100/-6 yes yes yes
110/+6 yes yes yes
110/-6 yes yes yes
120/+6 yes yes yes
120/-6 yes yes yes

Stock 80 degree Tilt Angle; The ends of the bar will point 6-7 degrees down when mounted on your bicycle (owing to the head tube angle). Shifter/Brake hoods will then be positioned as flat to the top of the bar as possible.

Clamped Handlebar Warning:

If you are currently riding a carbon handlebar, you should inspect it for cracks or indentations near the stem clamp. If you see anything that looks like damage to the handlebar, it should be replaced. The failure mode is this: The small amount of damage will initiate a crack, starting with micro-cracking of the resin; the crack will grow, causing a stress riser, which accelerates further crack propagation. Then, a sudden high stress event can cause a catastrophic failure of the handlebar.

The initial damage is usually caused by overtightening the stem clamp in order to keep it from slipping. Bars with a gritty grip surface are less likely to be overtightened.

Calfee will not make a BarStem from a handlebar that has been damaged.

Stoker BarStem

If you own a tandem, we have two stoker, fixed length BarStem options. They both use a carbon stem extension (you specify the length) that is wrapped to any 31.8 diameter carbon fiber bar. The first and less expensive ($400 with your bar) uses an aluminum clamp to attach to the captain’s seatpost. Our second option fully integrates (we wrap them all together) a carbon, captain seatpost, a carbon stem extension and the stoker handlebar ($600 with your bar and seatpost).

Calfee Stoker BarStem



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