Calfee Tandem Torque Specifications

Frame Specifications:

Front Axle:

TRP: 15-17 Nm


Rear Axle:

Bolt-on: 9-13 Nm 

Quick release style: Hand tight (enough to remove side to side play)

Rotor Mount: 

Centerlock:  40 Nm

6-bolt:  8 Nm

Cassette Lockring: 44 Nm

Brake System:

Caliper Mounting Bolts: 8 Nm

Seat Post Clamp: 8 Nm

Friction paste not required on post inserted in seat tube.)

Seat Rail Binder: 8 Nm

Front derailleur clamp mount: 5 Nm

Front derailleur to clamp adapter: 5-8 Nm

Rear derailleur mount to hanger: 8 Nm

Bottle Cage Bolts:  4-5 Nm

Extra Parts Provided With The Frame (If Needed):

Calfee Stem:

Faceplate: 5-6 Nm

Steerer clamp: 5-6 Nm

Steerer clamp (other): specific to brand (printed on stem – do not exceed 6 Nm)

Stoker Stem:

Calfee carbon: Faceplate: 5 Nm

Post clamp: 5-6 Nm
(Friction paste might be needed)

Co-motion: faceplate: 5 Nm

Post clamp: 8 Nm

Extension clamp: 8-10 Nm (allows to extend stoker bar)
(Friction paste might be needed)

Seat stay/ dropout connecting bolt:  12nm

Lightning Cranks:

Bottom Bracket: 40 Nm

Crank Arm:  40-50 Nm

Chainring Bolts: 8 Nm

Bushnell Eccentric Bottom Bracket shell: 8-10 Nm

Rohloff Rohlbox setup video: