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    Terms and Conditions: Bamboo frames are not eligible for warranty transfer. Owner is responsible for any damage incurred in shipping to Calfee Design, shipping expenses to and from Calfee Design as well as warranty transfer fee of $250. Calfee ships all frames FedEx Ground, unless otherwise agreed (Calfee Design is not responsible for international duties, taxes, or customs fees). We accept, inspect and transfer warranty for Calfee frames only, no forks. By sending frame to Calfee Design, frame owner is automatically responsible for any additional costs to repair non-warranty structural damage. Calfee Design will not release frames that are considered structurally compromised. Calfee will not release frames that are reported to have been stolen. Warranty term is based on original owner’s purchase date of bicycle as recorded on retail receipt proof of purchase or Calfee Design’s records of the original frame sale to the bicycle shop, if the retail receipt cannot be supplied. Cosmetic repairs may be repaired for an additional fee. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice..

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    Calfee Design
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    681 Beach Drive
    La Selva Beach, CA 95076
    (831) 728-1859

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    Craig Calfee designed and manufactured his first carbon frame in 1987.