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Please print a copy of your email receipt, sign it, and include it with your frame for shipment.

This serves as your verification that the contact information is correct, and as our release to work on the frame.  Once we receive your frame, we will inspect and call you with the details on price and timeline of the re-finish. Please allow for normal ship and processing time of each frame. This may take up to a week to process your frame for evaluation.

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    (Most factory logos can be replicated. Matte finish will not blend back into the original paint. Masking fees may apply to paint restoration services and final estimate will be provided for customer approval.)

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    Review & Send

    All items sent to Calfee Design are assessed a $50 inspection fee. This fee will be credited toward any paint work. The person indicated as the point of contact above will be responsible for work order approval and deposit. Frames that arrive without all parts removed will incur additional fees. Calfee Design is NOT responsible for any missing parts that were not originally removed.

    Calfee Design requires a 60% deposit before performing paint services. The balance will be charged upon repair completion. We accept Debit Card, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal ( or check. All customers will be charged a $25 handling fee. A 3% handling fee will be charged for refunds when work orders are cancelled.

    Prices do not include return S/H & insurance (FedEx will declare shipping rate based on zip code). CA residents add tax on paint and new parts. Calfee Design is not responsible for international duties, taxes, or customs fees. The declared value of a frame repair will be set at $1600 unless otherwise indicated by shop/customer, signature required for all deliveries for anything valued over $500.

    Any item left with Calfee Design more than 60 days without action from customer/shop will be considered abandoned and become property of Calfee Design to dispose of as it pleases.


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    attn: Repairs Dept.
    681 Beach Drive
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    (831) 728-1859

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    *By checking the box below and clicking "send" you agree to all terms listed on this form.

    *By checking the box below and clicking "send" you agree to all terms listed on this form.

    Craig Calfee designed and manufactured his first carbon frame in 1987.

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