A classic that never gets old.

Luna Classic

Luna Classic

Smaller & thicker tubes, leads to a stronger, more durable frame. The Luna was conceived as a model to compete with the bigger brands. The amazing Luna, built by Calfee at our headquarters in California, retails for less than frames made offshore in China and Taiwan. Still, it shares the workmanship, hand crafting and ride quality of our more expensive frames; 85% of the performance for 50% of the cost.

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Luna Features:

  • Available in Pro (road) and Adventure (endurance/gravel/cyclocross)
  • Blended 33 and 42 msi roll-wrapped tubes
  • Carbon fiber pressure molded lugs
  • Titanium dropouts
  • Optional S and S Machine couplers
  • Optional PressFit 30 carbon bottom bracket shell
  • Optional head tube and seat tube extensions
  • Optional rear axle spacing, tire clearance, brake type, cable routing and threaded eyelets
  • Frame stiffness options
  • 10 year warranty

Luna Benefits:

  • Most affordable Calfee frame
  • Least expensive US made carbon frame
  • Most durable tube set

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More about the Luna

Luna 44 Pro frame red

Like our flagship Dragonfly, Luna’s lugs are compression molded with metal dies. These lugs and pre-mitered tubes are easily bonded together because they are so compatible. The carbon fibers are carefully oriented to put strength exactly where it’s needed while minimizing weight. Gussets are integrally formed with the fabrication of the joints, eliminating the inherent weakness of the tube and lug joint found in many other manufacturers designs. We save some time, and you expense, by not scalloping the lugs as we do with the Dragonfly. Luna lugs wrap uniformly around the circumference of each tube. Luna frames, though inexpensive, are very light; 2.8 pound for a 54cm road frame.



Luna Classic Coupled

Luna Classic Coupled

Luna leverages a purposeful blend of standard modulus 33 msi carbon fiber with some intermediate modulus 42 msi fiber to achieve our famous ride quality. These seamless, roll-wrapped tubes have been optimized to transfer power without transferring vibration through the pedals, saddle and handlebars. Luna frames are as laterally stiff as the Tetra and are nearly as comfortable. What the thicker walled carbon fiber tubes give up in absorption, they make up for in durability as they resist compressive and impact forces better than our Tetra and Dragonfly tube sets.

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