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Calfee Electrofit FAQ


How do I turn on my Electrofit system?

Find the button on the side of the bag. Push the button firmly until you feel a click. You will see lights activate on the handle bar momentarily while the system engages.

What do the lights on the handlebar mean?

Shown is the standard configuration with power level on right side.

The lights on the handlebar show both power and battery level. The red lights correspond to the capacity in your battery, full row of lights indicates full capacity charge.  The green lights indicates the power level assigned to the motor, a full row of lights means full power.  This power level is controlled by the buttons under the brake hoods on the handle bars.

What are the buttons under the brake hoods for?

These buttons are connected to your power controls. The right hand button controls power leveling up and the left hand button controls power leveling down. This can be configure to the users preference.

Left will bring the power level down
Right will turn the power level up

What does the motor look like?

Shengyi rear motor
Shengyi DGWX2 rear motor

This is a Shengyi DGWX2 rear motor, a mid-sized, cassette freehub compatible 3.2kg hub motor which can be laced in a carbon or aluminum rim. Calfee Design utilizes other motors for the Electrofit, including the Gmac the only geared regen motor on the market (from Grin Techonolgy) and the Bafang 310, a light weight hub motor (not compatible with 130mm rear spacing).

How much does an Electrofit cost?

For single bike retrofits the starting price is ~$2000. Often the deciding factor being how much battery capacity you need and if there will be other customizations.

For tandems the starting price is ~$2250 with the deciding factor being how much battery capacity you need and if there will be other customizations.

Does my bike qualify for a retrofit?

Most bikes can be retrofitted. Some can use a rear hubmotor and some will need to use a front hubmotor, depending on things like wheel spacing and type of axle. Try out our Configurator tool to get an instant answer on what we recommend.


How much range can I expect?

Retrofit Type  Typical Range
Single Bike  40 miles
Tandem  50 miles
Custom Build  To Specification

How do I get my retrofit started?

Fill out our Configurator form to see what your needs are. This is a really fast calculator we developed to answer a lot of questions about what components you’ll need and how many batteries to get. It’s simply a Google Form that feeds a spreadsheet that has an automatic email response tool that sends you the calculated results based on your input. If you want to continue after that, we can send detailed pricing and other choices that you have.

How long does it take once you receive my bike?

Once we have your bike in house and deposit paid, we will work toward meeting the following timelines.

Retrofit Type  Turnaround Time
Single Bike  4 to 6 weeks
Tandem  6 to 8 weeks
Recumbent Tandem  6 to 8 weeks
Custom Build  Quote

What does our retrofit equipment look like?

The retrofit starts off with an expert wheel build including a recommended rim. Based on your bike, we recommend motor and controller solutions and pack the system into our custom cycling bag.

Carbon Electric Wheel
Tandem rated Calfee Carbon wheel build with Gmac motor
Calfee carbon wheel build
Calfee carbon wheel and fork for assist with Bafang 311 motor.

Electric Assist System Bags
Top: Cycling top tube bag for tandem assist systems. Bottom: Single bike top tube bag for assist systems.
Items differ for single and tandem bike. Bag is for tandems bikes. Battery shown is 4xLigo or 400 watt hours capacity

What is the capacity of the battery used?

The single bike system can hold up to 500 watt hours of capacity in our frame bag. A custom bag can hold more. Our tandem system starts at 500 watt hours and can carry up to 1200 watt hours of capacity. Keep in mind the system is modular so you can carry more or less capacity depending on your range requirement.

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