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Calfee is dedicated to the efforts of DIY builders in their quest to be informed and produce the best results possible for their project. Find below a selection of instructional video for the bamboo builder.

These instructional videos show how to build your DIY bamboo frame!

Start by watching the Introduction video. In the video you will get to know the DIY Bamboo Frame Kit’s contents as Craig explains the layout of tools and setting up the work space for the build.

Introduction Video :

In the Mitering videos below Craig covers the tools and process of mitering the tubing so that fitment of the joinery is precise.

#1 Mitering Seat Tube :

#2 Mitering Down Tube :

#3 Mitering Top Tube :

#4 Mitering Chainstays:

#5 Mitering Seatstays :

In the Clearance and Final Fit video Craig covers the layout and examines the position and fit of the bamboo tubing.

#6 Clearance and final fit :

Working on the layout of bamboo the video explains how to mark and prepare the bamboo gluing. video for gluing. Tube prep and glue mixing video reviews both the type of glue use and how to properly mix the two parts together.

#7 Tube prep and glue mixing :

The process of gluing the bamboo and metal part together is explained in the Tack Gluing

#8 Tack Gluing :

Sand and filing glue the bamboo frame to get it ready for wrapping.

#9 Wrapping Prep :

#10 Wrapping :

#11 Finishing :

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