20 Years Of Employment

In the year 2020, it has been difficult to find reasons to celebrate, but at Calfee, we found a way! On Friday October 9th 2020, Calfee stopped production to acknowledge …

DIY Bike

New DIY Bike – Cottingham

First, hope you and the Calfee folks are all healthy and still able to work during the pandemic. Second, thanks again for all your assistance as I was building my …

Battery Charger Connectors

Charging your Retrofit System

Charging the system This is a 36 Volt Charger. Please read the inclosed instruction provided in english and german. Check the connection ends.  Before charging it is always good to …


Calfee Design At 2019 NAHBS

From Cycling Tips, a photo mention of Calfee Design products at the 2019 NAHBS in Sacramento California, carbon bottle cages and Bamboo products. “You didn’t think we were done with …

Manta e-Assist

Calfee eBike Retrofit Service

Calfee Design has developed the best solution for cyclists interested in electric assist. We can elegantly retrofit a state-of-the-art Pedal Assist to almost any bike, including tandems. Also, swapping back …

Logo Place Holder

8 Tack Gluing

The process of gluing the bamboo and metal part together is explained in the Tack Gluing Calfee Design 1-800-965-2171