Battery Charger Connectors

Charging your Retrofit System

Charging the system This is a 36 Volt Charger. Please read the inclosed instruction provided in english and german. Check the connection ends.  Before charging it is always good to …


Calfee Design At 2019 NAHBS

From Cycling Tips, a photo mention of Calfee Design products at the 2019 NAHBS in Sacramento California, carbon bottle cages and Bamboo products. “You didn’t think we were done with …

Manta e-Assist

Calfee eBike Retrofit Service

Calfee Design has developed the best solution for cyclists interested in electric assist. We can elegantly retrofit a state-of-the-art Pedal Assist to almost any bike, including tandems. Also, swapping back …

Logo Place Holder

8 Tack Gluing

The process of gluing the bamboo and metal part together is explained in the Tack Gluing Calfee Design 1-800-965-2171

Logo Place Holder

7 Tube prep and glue mixing

Working on the layout of bamboo the video explains how to mark and prepare the bamboo gluing. video for gluing. Tube prep and glue mixing video reviews both the type …