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Tandem Paint (2020 Prices)


Color Price
Nude (Raw Carbon) $100
Gloss Clear over carbon – w/stock decals $900
Matte Clear over carbon – w/stock decals $950
Gloss Clear w/couplers – w/stock decals $1000
Matte Clear w/couplers – w/stock decals $1050
Stock translucents or solid colors – w/stock decals $1100
Stock translucents or solid colors w/couplers – w/stock decals $1200
Two Stock Color Color Fades – w/stock decals $1400
Two Color Color Fades w/couplers – w/stock decals $1500
Three Stock Color Fades – w/stock decals $1500
Three Stock Color Fades w/couplers – w/stock decals $1600
Custom colors and schemes $2000 minimum designs
Titanium Head Tube Badge $150
Calfee Bottle cages Gloss or Matte Clear $70
Calfee Bottle cages Stock Colors $100
Nude a fork $100
Stems & bars $200
Painted logos (no decals) $400
Name decal $100

Calfee Stock Colors

*click on the name below to see examples*


NudeNude (Raw Carbon) clearClear
Matte BlackMatte Black
BMW SilverBMW Silver
Blue Pearl TranslucentBlue Pearl Translucent Colbalt Blue OpaqueColbalt Blue Opaque
Colbalt Blue TranslucentColbalt Blue Translucent Cabernet Red TranslucentCabernet Red Translucent Cabernet Red OpaqueCabernet Red Opaque
Deep PurpleDeep Purple
DeepPurpleTranslucentDeep Purple Translucent Emerald Green OpaqueEmerald Green Opaque
Emerald Green TranslucentEmerald Green Translucent Calfee RedCalfee Red
Jersey YellowJersey Yellow
Prismatic(additional charges apply)Prismatic(additional charges apply) Purple Pearl TranslucentPurple Pearl Translucent Rootbeer OpaqueRootbeer Opaque
Rootbeer TranslucentRootbeer Translucent TangerineTangerine
Pearl WhitePearl White

The colors shown above are for general reference only.  We would be happy to prepare a painted tube sample for your consideration.  Please contact us for details by calling our sales department 1-800-965-2171.

Calfee Stock Logos

Tandem Tetra Red Coupled

We’ve got you and your new frame covered!

Calfee Paint

Custom finishes require a conversation.

Calfee Paint can do just about any finish you can imagine. Custom finishes are available on all Calfee frame models; so frame options do not impact your paint and finish choice.  Please contact us directly and we’ll help you personalize your Calfee frame.

Calfee Design 1-800-965-2171