Captain Stoker
Sizes Size Stand- over Ht. Seat Angle Top Tube Front Center Head Tube Length Size Stand- over Ht. Seat Angle Boom Tube
Small/Small 50 75.9 74 53 57.5* 10.2 46 70.5 74 72.3
Medium/Small 54 78.7 74 55.1 59.7* 12 46 73.4 74 72.3
Large/Small 58 81.8 73 56.7 60.4 16 46 74.4 74 72.3
Large/Medium 58 82.2 73 57 60.7 16 54 78 73 73.6
XLarge/Small 62 83 73 60 63.6 18 48 75.1 73 72.3
XL/Medium 62 83.1 73 60 63.6 18 54 78.5 73 73.6

*These sizes may have toe overlap, depending on shoe size and crank arm length.When comparing our frames with your current frame, use the stand over height and top tube length for comparison.

***Pre-made selections are our recommended choices***

Is this a Complete Bike or Frameset only

Complete BikeFrameset

Tandem Frame Model

Dragonfly $8295Tetra $6195Bamboo $6195

Frame Size (captain/stoker)

Fork Lengths (RIM, DISC, OR CUSTOM)

Columbus Futura Tapered 2.0 (Q/R, 368 Axle to Crown) (RIM BRAKE OPTION) $450TRP CX Disc Fork(TA, 397 Axle to Crown) (180 max rotor) $550CoLab 15TA Disc (TA, 395 Axle to Crown) (203 max rotor) $575Please refer to custom fork option

Custom Fork Option (please supply axle to crown length)

Couplers (not available on our bamboo model)

none1 Set $1250-splits tandem in 2 pieces (works great with one Calfee Custom case)2 Sets $2500-splits tandem in 3 pieces (works great with two 10″ S&S Machine Cases)

Captain Height (measured in centimeters)

Weight(in lbs)

Inseam (measured in centimeters)

Stoker Height (measured in centimeters)


Inseam (measured in centimeters)


cableShimano Di2 $300Campy EPS $300Sram ETAPSingle Speed/Horizontal Dropout $150Rohloff $400

Head Tube

44mm-Tapered Steerer Tube

Head tube extension (added to the top of stock head tube - zero means none) $100

Stoker Bottom Bracket Shell - (Captain Bottom Bracket - Eccentric)

English threadEccentric w/english thread (normally used with Rohloff hub)

Wheel Size


Tire Clearance (Tire sizes vary depending on rim & tire manufacturer)

30mm Chainstay Clearance Included (41.5mm Chainstay Length)35mm Chainstay Clearance - $75 (41.5mm Chainstay Length)45mm Chainstay Clearance - $150 (43mm Chainstay Length)

Rear Wheel Spacing

120mm (track or single speed only)130mm Rim Brake135mm Quick Release142mm Thru Axle(comes standard)

Rear Brake

N/A Track BikeRim CaliperMechanical Disc (203mm Rotor Max.)Hydro Disc

Extra Bottle Mount- Under Stoker TT

yes $50no

Internal Brake Housing Routing (not available with couplers)

yes $350no

Extra Stiffness (Included in L to XL captain frames - not included in customer geometry) (Not necessary for Small/Small tandems)

yes $300no

Rear Rack Bracket/Mount

yes $50no

Fender Mount(w brake bridge or solid brake bridge)

yes $50no

Stoker Control Brake (rear rim caliper cable brake routing)

yes $150no

Solid Rear Brake Bridge(disc brake only)

yes $50no

10" Rear Disc Compatible (not compatible with hydraulic disc brakes)

yes $150no

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Craig Calfee designed and manufactured his first carbon frame in 1987.