2019 Tandem Frame Pricing

Choose the model type, additional options, a fork, and paint design = Calfee Frame Pricing.

Please contact an in-house sales representative or a Stock Dealer for complete bike pricing.

Tandem Frames

Model (frame $ only, paint not included) Price
Tetra $6,195
Dragonfly $8,295
Bamboo $6,195
MTB Front Suspension 27.5″ Wheels (includes extra stiffness $300) $6,495
MTB Full Suspension 27.5″ Wheels (includes X-Fusion Microlight RL shock-upgrades available), (includes extra stiffness) $9,195
MTB Fat Tire Tandem 26″ Wheels (includes custom geometry and extra stiffness) $6995
Convertible Tandems Price
Tetra convertible w/couplers (tandem to single) (includes 5 couplers system) $9,195
Triple convertible to Tandem (with couplers) $12,395

Additional FRAME Options

Type Price
1 set of couplers / 2 couplers – splits tandem in 2 pieces (works great with one TriAll3Sport case (custom modified by Calfee)) Photo example here $1250
2 sets of couplers / 4 couplers – splits tandem in 3 pieces (works great with two 10″ S&S Machine Cases) Photo example here $2500
Custom geometry $750
Hand Wrapped Shaped Joints – See Example $350
Di2 & WiFli internal routing (frame modification/compatibility only), No extra charge for ETAP $300
Rohloff cable routing $400
Head tube or seat tube extensions $100
Extra stiffness (Included with all Large and XL frames) $300
Rack Mounts $50
Fender mount $50
Extra bottle mount – Under Stoker TT (frame includes four bottle mounts) $50
Internal Disc Brake Housing Routing (not available with couplers) $350
Solid Rear Brake Bridge (replace the rear caliper brake bridge with a solid brake bridge) $50
Horizontal dropout $150
28mm tire clearance (41.5mm Chainstays) Included
35mm tire clearance (43mm Chainstays) $150
42mm tire clearance (44mm Chainstays) $250
Stoker control rear rim brake cable routing $250
Eccentric BB shell (for stoker) Included
Belt drive compatibility Included
Anything else… Just Ask


Color Price
Nude $50
Stock translucents or solid colors $800
Stock color fades $900
Custom colors and schemes $2000 minimum designs
Titanium Head Tube Badge $110
Bottle cages $50
Nude a fork $50
Stems & bars $125
Painted logos (no decals) $300
Name decal $100


Columbus Futura Tapered Rim Brake (Q/R, 368 Axle to Crown) $450
TRP CX Fork(TA, 397 Axle to Crown) (180 max rotor) $550
CoLab 15TA Disc (TA, 395 Axle to Crown) (203 max rotor) $575