Bamboo Pieces (L50-72cm D18-65mm)


Note: “Due to the change in weather at our headquarters causing a slow in bamboo drying, our lead time on having bamboo available is going to be another 2-3 months or so. Thank you for understanding, we are working diligently to have available stock.” – Calfee Tech
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Make sure to order the pieces and length that you need. Each piece of bamboo is dried and cured in preparation for use. Please note that bamboo grows in a tapered shape so one end will be more narrow.

Be aware that varietal bamboo is not uniformed and pieces will have inconsistencies in structure. We do not prepare the exterior by sun bleaching our bamboo stock. Our stock has been evaluated for the intended purpose and is sold as is. No refunds after purchase.

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Weight 35.2 oz
Dimensions 30 × 2 × 2 in
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50cm18 – 20mmW4 – 6mm, 50cm20 – 22mmW4 – 6 mm, 50cm22 – 24mmW4 – 6mm, 50cm22 – 24mmW6 – 8mm, 58cm34 – 36mmW6 – 8mm, 58cm36 – 45mmW4 – 6 mm, 58cm45 – 50mmW4 – 6 mm, 65cm45 – 50mmW6 – 8mm, 65cm34 – 36mmW8 – 10mm, 71cm50 – 55mmW6 – 8mm, 71cm55 – 60mmW8 – 10mm, 72cm60 – 65mmW8 – 10mm