New DIY Bike – Cottingham

First, hope you and the Calfee folks are all healthy and still able to work during the pandemic.

Second, thanks again for all your assistance as I was building my bamboo frame.  I finished the frame and built it out with fun SRAM gravel components.  I’m enjoying riding it and getting lots of compliments about it.  It really rides well.

Since this is the first frame I’ve ever built, you and Craig’s videos were indispensable.  

I might change a few minor things that didn’t quite work as planned.  For instance, 

  • I thought I had put in chain stays to allow for 650×42 tires.  I installed 650 x 38 Gravel kings but even those were too wide.  I have switched to 650 x 33.  They will be fine.  I focused on getting the outside edge of the chain stay on the bottom bracket.  To get spacing I wanted, I think I should have tapered the chain stay a little bit.  Does that make sense? 
  • I should have paid closer attention to intersection of head tube and down tube.  I had plenty of room to have that joint several millimeters above the bottom of the aluminum tube.  But I had it very close.  With a Dremel tool and some sanding, I made it work.

I raise this point so if you ever issue any “addenda” to the videos, you might mention that.

I used black casting tape which I got from Amazon.  Then I used some epoxy I had on hand to smooth out the casting tape on the head tube, bottom bracket, and seat tube intersection.  It  produced a high gloss finish, was easier than sanding, and precluded the need to paint the casting tape.

Best and stay healthy during these crazy times.


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