Charging your Retrofit System

Charging the system

  1. This is a 36 Volt Charger. Please read the inclosed instruction provided in english and german.
  2. Check the connection ends.  Before charging it is always good to check the connection ends to make sure they are ready for connection.
  3. Plug the battery charger in.
    The plug will fit any standard wall socket and can accept a max. of 240 volts.
  4. Check the light.
    Turn on the charger at the rocker switch on the side.  And check for the blinking green light.
  5. Monitor the charger. Your 5 amp/hour charger should be able to charge you system in a few hours. The Green light will turn red.


Once charged you can check the voltage level by turning the system on and looking at the handle bar volt meter. Full charge is around 42 volts. You should consider your battery empty at 34 volts and the system wont run below 33 volts.

400 watt system charges in ~ 2hours
800 watt system charges in ~ 4hours

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