DIY Bamboo Bike 2015

Our bamboo kits are designed for a do-it-yourself project. We provide with our material kits detailed instructions and how-to videos, also available from this web site. Please take the time to review our Bamboo DIY information to understand what you will need to complete your project.

Calfee Tool Set Kit is available for purchase or as a rental. The Material Set Kit comes with high quality, time tested materials. The Calfee DIY Kit Drawings include layout geometries for all sizes of frames for your bike choice.

“Ride with pride”

When you build your own bamboo bike

Bamboo Stock

Why should you choose bamboo for your bike?

Bamboo makes for a natural material for bike building. Since we built the first modern bamboo bike in 1995, we’ve been amazed by the strength and the ride quality.  Bamboo has the best vibration damping for the smoothest ride.  But best of all, you can build it yourself without needing a welding setup.  And it’s so cool that nature provides it in a huge range of tube diameters and wall thicknesses.

What’s In The Calfee DIY Kits


DIY Tool Set
Frame Materials Kit Tool Set Kit
Calfee Drawing for DIY kit
DIY Bike Drawing Additional Metal Parts

Our bamboo DIY kits will supply you with all the materials needed to complete your bamboo bike frame. The kits includes the highest quality bamboo stock, metal parts, casting tape, your choice of frame drawing printed on tough vinyl banner material and a complete tool set kit. The Do-It-Yourself tool set is available as a rental!

Please Note: To build a complete bike you will need to purchase the following Kits:

The DIY Frame Materials Kit Table of contents

Item Link Item Description
Dropouts Pair of universal aluminum dropouts & bolts are designed for use with bamboo.
Seat Tube Insert Machined aluminum seat insert for 27.2 mm seatposts.
Head Tube Machined and deep knurled aluminum head tubes are available in sizes from 9cm to 24cm.
Bottom Bracket Specially designed for composite bicycle frames whether carbon fiber or bamboo.
Chainstays Specific Bamboo pieces for chainstays. Each piece of bamboo is dried cured and sanded in preparation for use.
Seatstays Specific Bamboo pieces for the seatstays.
Epoxy Two part epoxy steel reinforced JB Weld.
Top Tube Specific Bamboo piece for the top tube.
Down Tube Specific Bamboo piece for the down tube.
Seat Tube Specific Bamboo piece for the seat tube.
Casting Tape Long white fiberglass casting tape, water activated polyurethane, cures in 10 minutes.
DIY Tool Set
DIY Tool Set

Tool Set Table of Contents

Item Link Item Description
Dropout fixture The dropout fixture assures proper dropout spacing and alignment and tire clearance when laying out and tacking bamboo.
Head tube fixture The head tube fixture positions the head tube for layout and tacking. Two are needed for a set.
Mitering fixture The mitering fixture guides the holesaw and secures bamboo tubes at adjustable angles for mitering.
Seat Tube Fixture Specially designed tool for taking the seat tube into position.
Mitering Jig Specially designed tool for mitering bamboo so the bamboo tubes & metal parts fit each other accurately.
Hole Saws 1 7/8” diameter holesaw, 1 1/2″ diameter holesaw
Angle finder Copies angles from drawing table to mitering fixture.
Hex key 3/8″ A three-eighths inch allen wrench used to adjust mitering fixture angle.
Metal Spacing tools Height adjustable spacing tool for use in the layup and tacking of your bamboo frame.
Square A simple square used to keep stays parallel and check top tube height to standover line on drawing.
Crank and Chainring clearance tools Tools to verifies clearance of cranks and all chainrings with chainstays.
Mountain bike tire clearance adapter Tool to set clearance on certain bike frames.

The Calfee Drawings

The drawings are available for Road Bike, City Bike, MTB, Adventure/CX, BMX and Go Rider. Digitally printed on vinyl banner stock. Designed to be used with the Calfee DIY system. Drawing includes layout geometries for all sizes of frames of that style.

Additional Metal Parts

Seat binder, seat binder with rack mounts, cable stops and screws, rack/fender mount bolts, caliper brake nut tube. Make sure to get your metal parts for your particular build!


The Bikes

DIY Bikes

Can I make the size that’s right for me?

Our design allows you to build any size of any type of bike.  For each size, we select the right set of bamboo for you and provide the right drawings and tools. You’ll choose the instructional drawings from the bike types mentioned below but you can customize to your heart’s content. Once you get the idea on how to do this, you can make any kind of bike. It’s a good idea to start with a “normal” bike for your first try. Then you can see the possibilities and build any kind of bike!

Size Chart


MTB is available in 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ wheel sizes.

ADV/CX models are available for 700c and 650b options combined in the same geometry.  We do not offer a 46cm frame size for this model type.  Please follow the sizing chart above.

BMX will soon be offered in a 20″ frame but we’ll soon offer 16″ as well.

Rear Spacing: Our tooling is designed for 130 mm and 135 mm rear spacing.

Dropouts: The dropouts are able to accommodate disc brakes and derailleurs but are also slotted so you can make a single speed or internal gear hub bike. Thru Axle dropouts are not available at this time.

Head tubes: Available for use with 1 1/8″ steerers and 44mm (tapered) forks.

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