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Convert the setup that you know and love to a one-piece BarStem from Calfee Design

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One-piece bar stems have become increasingly popular, but why cater your cockpit to some companies’ idea of “ideal fit”? If you’re anything like us, you know we spend countless hours of tweaking angles and adjusting positioning to find the perfect cockpit setup. With BarStem, you no longer have to sacrifice even a millimeter of adjustment to enjoy all the benefits of a one-piece setup. Send us your bar and stem clamped together in the position you know works tried and true for you, and we’ll convert it to the custom bar of your dreams.

Why BarStem?

If you are at all involved in the cycling world, we’re sure you’re familiar with what we call “carbon anxiety”. While modern engineering has made carbon extremely strong and versatile, there is one aspect of carbon that can be very frightening for riders: clamping forces. Clamping down on carbon creates points of high stress and fatigue, which is a recipe for catastrophic failure.

The stress that goes into your handlebars at the point of square-edge contact with your stem requires modern handlebars to be over-engineered, and yet still highly susceptible to failure. Furthermore, damage in that area of your handlebar is nearly impossible to notice until it’s too late.

How does BarStem solve this issue?

We utilize high modulus carbon tow to create a robust and seamless connection between your stem and handlebar. Our wrapping process eliminates the opportunity for failure, damage, or fatigue to your carbon handlebar. Unlike competing products, our BarStem allows the marriage of personalized and optimized individual components. The result is a lighter, stiffer, stronger, more absorbent, and better fitting cockpit.

When carbon handlebars first hit the market in the early 2000’s, we immediately knew they would not get along well with stem’s clamping forces. In 2003 we created the first BarStem, and have been perfecting it ever since…


That looks pretty heavy…

Nope! Our BarStem is actually lighter than your current setup. When compared before and after, our BarStem sheds weight.

Before ~12.4oz
After ~9.2oz

That sounds kind of expensive…

When utilizing your existing setup, our BarStem is cheaper than competing options! Even if you use new parts, our wrap is still competitively priced.

Explore our full pricing and specifications here.

Why not just buy a pre-made bar-stem combo?

Why restrict yourself to some companies idea of an “ideal setup”? Everyone’s riding style and bike setup is unique, and yours is no exception! We utilize your existing bar and stem in the exact configuration that you know works for you.

Where does the customization end?!

It doesn’t! We are more than happy to integrate Garmin mounts, phone mounts, sensors, or any of the like into your BarStem. Paint your BarStem to match your current bike, or leave the carbon nude for a stylish raw look.

What if my current setup is not carbon?

We offer a variety of solutions for converting your non-carbon setup to a carbon BarStem. If your interested in a BarStem but either/both of your components are not carbon, contact us and we’ll be sure to provide you with available options.

Order My BarStem


Please write out your basic contact information and preferred method of contact. Attach this information to your bar and stem.


Ship your bar and stem to Calfee Design at:

681 Beach Dr. La Selva Beach, CA 95076

Ensure that your bar and stem arrive clamped together in the exact position that you desire the wrap to be made in. It will not be possible to make adjustments to angles or positioning once it has been shipped.


We’ll be in touch soon after receiving your order!

Specification and Pricing

The Calfee Design BarStem wrap service is designed to utilize your pre-existing carbon cockpit setup. A carbon handlebar and carbon stem are both necessary for the wrap setup to work. If either component is not carbon, we can utilize an in-house stem or bar tuned to your specifications. Custom is the name of our game, so don’t be afraid to contact us with your inquires or ideas!

Ensure that your bar and stem arrive clamped together in the angle that you desire the wrap to be made in. It will not be possible to make adjustments to angles or positioning once it has been shipped.

Road BarStem

Utilizes your existing carbon stem and handlebar
Mountain BarStem

Utilizes your existing carbon stem and handlebar
In-House BarStem

Utilizes in-house stem and/or handlebar
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Integrated Garmin Mount$150
Stock Paint Color$200
Paint to Match

Our paint team is capable of matching the color of most frames
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