Bamboo DIY

It’s your ticket to handcraft your own gorgeous, reliable, and comfortable bamboo bicycle. Use this as an opportunity strengthen your bond with a loved one, build a unique piece of art tailored to your style, or even start your own business. Taking your bamboo bicycle on its first ride (and subsequent rides) is such a rewarding feeling that will stay with you forever.

Calfee Bamboo Bikes

Bamboo makes for a natural material for bike building. Since we built the first modern bamboo bike in 1995, we’ve been amazed by the strength and the ride quality. Bamboo has the best vibration damping for the smoothest ride. It’s perfect and convenient that nature provides it in a huge range of tube diameters and wall thicknesses.

Booomers Bamboo Bikes

In 2009, Craig Calfee ventured out to Africa with the purpose of teaching rural communities the unique and wonderful properties of bamboo. He guided them through the process of building bamboo bicycles by hand, with the goal of helping them find a reliable and sustainable source of transportation.

Kwabena Danso met Craig through the Yonso Foundation and brought his newfound bamboo bicycle knowledge back to his home town. With that knowledge, he began a bamboo bicycle manufacturing factory called Booomers. Today, Booomers continues to build bamboo bicycles in Ghana and sends them to cyclists all around the world. Sales of these bicycles not only help improve transportation in Ghana, but also go towards funding and providing better access to education.