Bamboo Tandem

A functional and elegant alternative

There are many good reasons to choose Calfee Bamboo for your next tandem bicycle frame. Calfee Bamboo bicycle frames are very stiff, transferring power efficiently; are durable, resisting damage from stress and impacts; are comfortable, surpassing aluminum, steel, titanium and most carbon frames in smoothness. Our bamboo tubes mitered together and bound by epoxy soaked hemp fiber create a frame whose most notable characteristic, beyond beauty, is this incredible vibration dampening.

Compared to our carbon tandem frames, our bamboo enjoys similar ride characteristics.  The subtle weight penalty (a Large/Medium bamboo tandem frame weighs about 8.5 pounds) may be offset by our bamboo’s beauty, uniqueness, comfort and durability.  Our bamboo frames are an excellent choice for tandem teams interested in particularly rough roads.


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