Why Our Frames Kick Butt…Part 1

Dragonfly Pro

Advanced Materials:

Calfee frames are designed with carbon fiber composite.  This is a highly-advanced woven material impregnated with a thermosetting epoxy that was first used in the aerospace and boating industries because of it superior stiffness-to-weight and strength-to-weight ratios.  Composite’s vibration dampening is also far superior to any metal, creating an exceptionally smooth ride.  Taking it one step further, we’ve introduced the bicycle world to boron/carbon fiber composite tubing, which creates an overall stiffness even greater than that of the individual fibers.  We use titanium fittings wherever possible because they resist rust and corrosion, and they don’t naturally separate from the carbon because of their nearly identical rate of thermal expansion.  If aluminum fittings must be used, we insulate them from the carbon with fiberglass.

The Dragonfly Features:

Roll-wrapped boron fiber co-mingled with 66 msi carbon tubing.  High modulus carbon fiber pressure molded lugs.  Extra profiled titanium dropouts.  25 year warranty.  Multiple stiffness options available.  Available with S&S titanium couplers.  Industry leading impact strength. Frame weighs 2 pounds.

The Tetra Features:

Roll-wrapped 42 and 55 msi carbon tubing.  Titanium dropouts, head tube and optional bottom bracket sleeves (carbon PressFit30 shells stock on all Calfee models).  25 year warranty.  Multiple stiffness options available.  Available with S&S titanium couplers.  Frame weighs 2.4 pounds.

The Luna Features:

Roll-wrapped 33 and 42 msi carbon tubing.  Titanium dropouts.  10 year warranty.  Multiple stiffness options available.  Available with S&S titanium couplers.  Frame weighs 2.8 pounds.



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