Tetra Convertible Tandem


We are excited to introduce a new model in our line of performance tandems, the Tetra Convertible.  This adaptable platform is wholly functional as both a tandem and single bicycle.

Precisely located S&S Couplings allow for the easy removal/addition of critical frame sections.  As well, component selection is optimized to support the very same.  A tandem team would enjoy a pedal as a pair one day, and the very next, one or both riders as solo cyclists.


Calfee Convertible


Calfee Convertible Single


  • Tandem easily converts to a single and back again
  • Travel with this convertible tandem in regular luggage; fits in (1) 26x26x10 case and (1) 32x20x12 case
  • Stock or custom geometry; review stock tandem geometry here
  • Tetra Convertible Tandem frame retails for $10,795
  • Consider this drawing of the Convertible tandem frame
  • Consider this drawing of both the Convertible tandem and single frame(s)
  • 25 year warranty
  • Visit our Tandem Overview for more information about our tandems
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