Manta CX Prototype Review

March 26, 2014   11:14 am.

Cyclocross Magazine got a rare opportunity to not only get an early, exclusive preview of a NAHBS 2014 show bike, but to also spend a few weeks testing the handmade machine on our favorite trails and cyclocross courses. The bike? Calfee … Continue reading

Manta in 2014 Velo Buyer’s Guide

January 10, 2014   12:10 pm.

Caley Fretz, Velo Technical Editor, and his team chose our Manta Pro as one of five “Bespoke” bicycles in their Velo Buyer’s Guide; the hottest bikes and gear of 2014.  We’re proud that our Manta was chosen.  Only 80 road, … Continue reading

The Green Connoisseur…

October 28, 2013   12:42 pm.

The Green Connoisseur, “Your Escort to a Luxurious and Eco-Conscious Lifestyle”, curates a sweeping website. They’ve chosen to feature Calfee Design and our bamboo bicycles. Enjoy the site and their feature here.

ENVE Video Featuring Craig

October 7, 2013   2:54 pm.

Jonny and Colby from ENVE, paired with two cameramen, visited with Craig in our workshop prior to Euro Bike, this year.  They spent nearly two days exploring our facility.  They shared this video at Euro Bike and Interbike.  Enjoy the … Continue reading

Fair Wheel Bikes SuperLight BarStem

October 2, 2013   9:15 am.

Jason, owner of Fair Wheel Bikes in Tucson, invited us to build a SuperLight BarStem for a 2013 Interbike show bike; weighing only 8.88 pounds, this bicycle is ready to ride and race.  Consider the discovery by BikeRumor here.

Calfee Manta Pro Details

August 23, 2013   4:44 pm.

Experience, opportunity, innovation and technology collided to catalyze our new frame model, the Manta.  Five years in the making, the Manta is a “race platform” that leverages a patented, active suspension system at the rear wheel to enhance traction, power … Continue reading

Calfee Factory Tour

July 17, 2013   10:01 am.

Tyler from BikeRumor has published a substantial body of images and editorial describing the Calfee workshop on the heels of his visit this summer.  Enjoy each of the three parts; PART 1; How They Make Bikes, PART 2; Bikes of Carbon, Bamboo … Continue reading

Dropping the S-Bomb…Suspension!

July 17, 2013   9:38 am.

On the heels of the 2013 Sea Otter, Neil and Zap from Road Bike Action visited the Calfee workshop.  They were keen to explore the factory and, in particular, spend time with Craig discovering details about the Manta.  Pursuant to … Continue reading

New Model, Calfee Manta

April 24, 2013   4:35 pm.

We debuted our new frame model, named “Manta”, at the 2013 Sea Otter Classic this last weekend. We promised the first ride to Neil Shirley, Assistant Editor at Road Bike Action. He’s the perfect pilot for our prototype; pro-peloton fast … Continue reading on Calfee Prototype

April 17, 2013   12:13 pm.

Tyler from BikeRumor visited Calfee HQ on his way to the 2013 Sea Otter Classic.  His timing was serendipitous as he stumbled upon a cache of show bikes including a prototype of our new frame model.  He writes, “Poking around … Continue reading

Paved Magazine Factory Tour

April 16, 2013   5:45 pm.

Kevin Rouse, Senior Editor at Paved Magazine, dropped by the Calfee Design workshop in March, 2013; during his tour, he collected some great pictures.  He writes, “This is where all of Calfee’s lugged carbon creations come together. Calfee wasn’t worried … Continue reading

Paved Features Tetra Adventure

December 12, 2012   4:08 pm.

In the very same issue they featured our SuperClean Dragonfly, the bad boys at Paved showcased a very special Tetra Adventure.  This Adventure is ideal for endurance road rides or gravel road races; she is a master of all trades. … Continue reading

Paved Features SuperClean Dragonfly

December 12, 2012   3:22 pm.

The editorial team at Paved recently took delivery of the Dragonfly we featured this year at NAHBS.  They were smitten; they told us we’d have to send cops to get the bike(s) back.  Kevin writes, “I’m sorry.  Why? For a … Continue reading

Soigneur Features Calfee Bamboo

December 4, 2012   12:36 pm.

The editors of Soigneur, a beautiful Dutch cycling magazine, invited internationally renowned Dutch designer Richard Hutten (himself an avid cyclist) to come up with a few cycling related items that he really likes. One of the first items that came … Continue reading

Tetra Review in Racing Post

October 8, 2012   3:14 pm.

The Bicycles Outback Pro 1/2 Women’s Team took delivery of six Calfee Tetra frame sets in Fall 2011. They raced these frames, enhanced by our Ultegra Di2 Internal Battery and Wiring System, throughout the 2012 season. These women received some … Continue reading

Craig Calfee, Inventor & Designer

August 10, 2012   4:30 pm.

Inspired after reading a Smithsonian magazine article, the creative minds at Onyx Cinema were elated when Craig agreed to be interviewed. So, they took a road trip to Northern California to visit the Calfee Design workshop. Enjoy the story and … Continue reading

Calfee Factory Tour in Velo Vert

August 6, 2012   4:34 pm.

At the Sea Otter Classic earlier this year, we were visited by a pair of French journalists on the hunt for interesting and innovative products.  After the Otter wrapped up, they visited Calfee HQ.  During their tour they compiled quite … Continue reading

InGamba Calfee Tandem Tour 2012

July 25, 2012   9:42 am.

Calfee has partnered with one of the world’s most special bicycle touring companies, InGamba, to deliver a travel experience that truly honors Calfee owners.  We understand that a Calfee owner is discriminating and demands the highest quality product and experience. … Continue reading

Calfee Dragonfly Adventure for RBA

July 17, 2012   12:09 pm.

Earlier this year, Zap and Neil at Road Bike Action asked us to build the frame module for a gravel road race project bike.  The challenge; build a bike that Neil (recently retired top domestic pro) could race to victory … Continue reading

Cycle Sport Feature

June 8, 2012   4:19 pm.

This extremely comprehensive feature tells an interesting and important story that you are sure to enjoy, it begins; “In 1991, Greg LeMond was searching for a bike fast enough to keep him at the very pinnacle of professional bike racing. … Continue reading


Production Manta Pro Di2 Hydro Disc Thru Axle

We showed an earlier iteration of this build at the 2013 NAHBS. We sold this Manta Pro module to a customer who enlisted Fairwheel Bikes to complete the assembly. The client required the lightest possible build (16.38 pounds as shown) that … Continue reading