How do you order a Calfee?

We can work directly with you, the consumer, or you may purchase your frame or complete bicycle through your favorite bike shop.

Please (call or email) to discuss all of your options.

We also have a group of wonderful Tandem Retail Ambassadors.  Please see the list below for special dealers who are Calfee Tandem experts.

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Cyclist Magazine Meet Up In UK With Craig Calfee

James Spender, from Cyclist Magazine, met up with Craig Calfee at the BeSpoked Trade Show to follow up about what’s new at Calfee Design, like the Luna Pro 44.   Please click on the link to read more.  Cyclist Magazine … Continue reading

Review of the Adventure Manta RS

Check out “The Radavist” review of our Manta RS Adventure bike.  Photos by John Watson.

44, What’s it for?

What is the idea behind the new 44 models you ask?  Our classic model types, Dragonfly, Tetra, and Luna, are now available with 44mm head tube diameters and a matching oversized down tube.  These changes create capability with tapered steerer … Continue reading

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