Is Calfee Bamboo for You?

bamboo mtb

All “panda” jokes aside, there are many good reasons to choose Calfee Bamboo for your next bicycle frame.  Calfee Bamboo bicycle frames are stiff, incredibly durable and awesome smooth.  Check out this and this very thorough editorial review(s) for some objective feedback.  Bamboo is the smoothest riding frame material on the market, period.  Each of our bamboo frames requires over 40 hours of labor to build.  Following an interview with the frame’s new owner, we hand select a bamboo tube set that will deliver characteristics that have been optimized for said rider’s preferences.  Every frame is made to order and every frame is unique.

The bike is made from Bamboo that has been smoked and heat treated to prevent splitting.  We finish the Bamboo frames with satin polyurethane that functions as a vapor seal and allows the owner to clean/maintain the bamboo frame as they would any metal or carbon frame.  Lugs are made of hemp fiber.  Importantly, we discovered that Bamboo and carbon fiber have different rates or thermal dynamic expansion.  Our early/first Bamboo frames used carbon fiber, instead of the hemp, to join the tubes and some of the joints failed over time.  Of course, our 10 year warranty protected those Calfee customers and they now enjoy our hemp-lugged Bamboo bicycle frames.

We offer our Bamboo bicycle frames in all frame styles & geometries.  While they have long been popular with enthusiastic, endurance road riders, they are increasingly popular off road, built to accept either 26” or 29” wheels, owing to Bamboo’s amazing impact strength.  These Bamboo frames are much stronger than the carbon frames you find in the dirt today.  Interestingly, all of our frames (carbon included) are Gates Carbon Drive compatible!

If you are in the market for a bicycle frame that is more comfortable, more durable, more beautiful and far more unique than the carbon and metal herd, look no further than a Calfee Bamboo.



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