You may purchase your Calfee frame or complete bicycle directly through us, the manufacturer.

If you would like to discuss the process, please fill in the information below and one of our expert sales staff will contact you shortly to go through all the details.  You may also call our headquarters (1-800-965-2171/831-728-1859).  Please ask for a sales representative.

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Frame Build Information

Complete Bike Frame Only 

Single Tandem (Dragonfly, Tetra, Bamboo Only) 

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 Manta Dragonfly 44 Dragonfly Tetra 44 Tetra Bamboo Luna 44 Luna

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 N/A Pro Adventure Cyclcross MTB 27.5(Bamboo Only) Single Speed/Fixie Custom (Luna 44 or Luna N/A)

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 N/A Pro Adventure MTB 27.5 MTB 29 Custom MTB Fat Tire Convertable Track

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Calfee Design was established in 1987.

Additional Information

After we determine what frame type, model, frame options and size you require, a $2000 deposit will be collected to place your frame in the production queue.  We will then begin to discuss details such as parts kits, component specifications and paint ideas.

If a custom frame geometry is necessary or preferred, you may choose to consult a convenient shop or studio, publish key measurements from an existing frame, or visit us in Santa Cruz County for a complimentary sizing on our Sizer Cycle and factory tour.

Calfee Sizer Cycle

Additional fitting services

We recommend 3D Bike Fit, located just North of Calfee Design in San Francisco, CA.  Consider this video describing their studio and our relationship.  3D Bike Fit (about) is dedicated to the science of marrying the mechanics of the bicycle with the physiology of the rider for an unparalleled cycling experience.  Calfee clients should visit 3D Bike Fit first, then drive South (under 2 hours) to Calfee HQ where the published bicycle geometry and component specifications will be carefully considered and married with the clients choice of frame model.  You can schedule your appointment with 3D Bike Fit here.

Your Favorite Bike Shop – a Non-Stocking Calfee Retailer

You may purchase your frame or complete bicycle through your favorite bike shop.   We will extend the bike shop of your choosing a very supportive wholesale discount for managing the transaction, having earned your business.

Calfee Tandem Retail Experts

If may also purchase a Calfee at these select locations here.  We have a few locations that are willing to walk you through the intricate world of Calfee tandem purchasing.