Frame Retrofit – Internal Electronic Routing

Dragonfly Pro Di2 Integration Seat Lug with Internal Cable

Do you have a carbon frame (any make or model) that you simply love to use, fits you perfectly and deserves to be in your regular rotation of bikes?  Are you also feeling the need to upgrade it to a more modern electronic drivetrain?  How can one combine the convenience of an electronic drivetrain plus keep their classic steed looking stealth and tidy without wires on the outside?  If your frame was designed and engineered during the pre-electronic era when mechanical external cable drivetrain systems were the standard, tape and ties were the answer.

 CALFEE DESIGN have an elegant and professional solution to make your carbon frame updated to accept electronic wiring internally and maintain that ultra-clean look you desire.  Our decades of expertise in the world of carbon allow us to modify your frame without sacrificing the strength and structural integrity.  Our technicians professionally drill and reinforce three wiring access ports (downtube, seat tube and chainstay) on your frame, plus we can eliminate external drivetrain cable stops to really tidy up the appearance.  Now your carbon frame is plug-and-play ready with the electronic drivetrain of your choice.  No need to buy a new frame with our retrofit as an upgrade option for your carbon frame.


  • SHIMANO DI2 & CAMPAGNOLO EPS V3 electronic systems $500 plus paint restoration cost
  • CAMPAGNOLO EPS V1 & V2 systemS $750 (send power unit and wiring harnesses) plus paint restoration cost
  • CALFEE tandems $1000 plus paint restoration cost

 If you would like us to retrofit your carbon frame, please complete the Electronic Frame Retrofit Order Form and review our protocol for Sending Your Frame for Repair.

For more information, please contact:
David Kendall



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