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Retrofit Options

Please select from the following retrofit option and submit required images for paint estimates.*
 Di2 Retrofit for current Shimano systems, starts at $500 + the cost of paint restoration EPS retrofit using EPS internal battery, starts at $750 + the cost of paint restoration (V2 Powerunit must be provided) Calfee Tandem Di2 Retrofit, starts at $1,000 + the cost of paint restoration SuperClean BarStem: front-end electronic integration, $575 + the cost of parts and paint (call 800-965-2171 for details)

*Paint estimates can be provided by sending detailed images of your frame to the carbon repair department. Please email

Review & Send

Calfee Design requires a 60% deposit before performing any work. The balance will be charged upon completion. We accept Visa, Mastercard, check or PayPal to Any item left with Calfee Design for more than 60 days without action from the customer will be considered abandoned and become property of Calfee Design to dispose of as it pleases. Not all frames will be compatible with a standard retrofit and may require additional carbon repair work. Upon receiving your frame, Calfee will evaluate the internal structure of your frame for any problems that may require additional work or solutions. Prices do not include return S/H & insurance (FedEx will declare shipping rate based on zip code). CA residents add tax on paint and new parts. The declared value of a frame will be set at $1600 unless otherwise indicated by shop/customer, signature required for all deliveries for anything valued over $500.

Please strip your frame of ALL parts before shipping. Remember, we will contact you with an order number that MUST be written on the outside of your box prior to shipping.

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Calfee Design was established in 1987.



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