Our unparalleled experience building bicycle frames and components with carbon fiber, coupled with complete manufacturing housed under one roof, allows us to support cyclists with unique requirements.

Over the years, we’ve helped numerous cyclists optimize comfort, fit and performance to better adapt to the bicycle.  Recreational cyclists and athletes that perform at the highest level of the sport have all benefited from our unique design and manufacturing services.  Do you require a custom frame with non-traditional geometry?  Do you require a custom handhold or handlebar?  We are very happy to review your requirements, then design and manufacture the solution; custom, adaptive frames and components for cyclists.  Consider the custom handlebar we built for Kelly Crowley, an American Paralympic swimmer and cyclist.

Kelly writes, “Craig is a creative genius.  I came to him with an idea scribbled on a airline napkin, and in a matter of hours, he developed the most useful, valuable piece of cycling equipment I have; a fully adjustable handhold that is easily swappable between my bikes.  Thank you, Craig!”

Kelly visited our factory a couple of times, during the design and manufacturing process.  She describes her visits here and here.  Our adjustable Sizer Cycle is a perfectly useful tool when exploring options and designing custom adaptive frame and component solutions.

Please contact us if you’d like to explore options to better adapt to cycling.




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