Repair Estimate & Questions

Estimates & Repair Work

– Level 2: Generally, fractures extending less than 1/3 of tube diameter approx. $250+
– Level 3: Generally, fractures extending more than 1/3 of tube diameter ; approx. $350+
– Level 4: Major damage: typically missing carbon or extensive repair work necessary approx. $450

Paint Work (all finish work is an additional cost to repair work. Finishing costs are subjective to each frame.)

– Nude finish, no paint (Edges sanded straight; UV protectant applied) $50
– Clear coat over the repaired area (Matte clear cannot be matched exactly) approx. $100+
– One opaque color touchup (We can match most colors, but some are impossible to match perfectly) approx. $150+
– Restore frame back to original paint scheme with design/decal work custom quote

(Most factory logos can be replicated. Matte finish will not blend back into the original paint. Masking fees may apply to paint restoration services and final estimate will be provided for customer approval.)

If you still would like to receive an estimate on a repair or have questions regarding our service, please include in an email photos of the damaged area, phone number, and time during the day that is best to reach you.  Email photos to (

***Please no phone calls for estimates.*** We will not offer estimates without receiving photos of the damage.

Please allow up to a week for a reply by e-mail.  If you haven’t heard from us, check your spam folder just in case.  We reply to all responses on first come, first serve basis.

Areas we do not repair:

  • Integrated Carbon dropouts
  • Cockpit components (seat posts, stems, handlebars, etc.)
  • Damage to the brake track of carbon rims
    • we do fix non-braking surface of carbon rims
    • we do fix disc brake carbon rims
  • Carbon forks

Repairs we do not warranty:

  • Seat collar area
  • Integrated seat mast/seat post
  • Front derailleur mounting area on seat tubes



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