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Calfee Carbon Repair
Since 2003, we’ve managed repairs for over 12,000 riders, retailers and manufacturers.  Our current turn-around time is 7 to 10 days without paint touch-up and 3 to 4 weeks with paint touch-up.  Most repairs are protected by a 10 year warranty.

See our images of before and after repairs. In order for us to give you an accurate estimate for repair work we will need you to send photos of the damage and may need to contact you by email or phone. For more information please check our Carbon Repair FAQ

How to Start the Carbon Repair Process

Step 1

Send photos and brief description of the damage. Email photos to

Step 2

Fill out and submit the online Carbon Repair Form.

Carbon Repair Form

Step 3

Remove all parts from your frame (it is important that we receive only your frame). Then send your frame and the email response from the Carbon Repair Form to Calfee Carbon Repair using FedEX, UPS. Also check out “How to Properly Pack Your Frame“.

Calfee Design
attn: Repairs Dept.
681 Beach Drive
La Selva Beach, CA 95076

We will call you within 1-3 business days of receiving your frame for repair.

*Customers using BikeFlights, or providing their own shipping labels, will be charged a $20 packing/handling fee for return shipping. You are welcome to send your frame in directly yourself or with the help of your favorite local bike shop.

*Unless otherwise specified do not include headset assembly, stem, or any other small parts, as we will not assume responsibility any damage to or loss of any components not integral to the repair process.

Estimates & Repair Work

– Level 2: Generally, fractures extending less than 1/3 of tube diameter approx. $250+
– Level 3: Generally, fractures extending more than 1/3 of tube diameter ; approx. $350+
– Level 4: Major damage: typically missing carbon or extensive repair work necessary approx. $450
Damage Level 3 Carbon repairLevel 3 damage to Top Tube Damage Level 2 Carbon Repair Level 2 damage to down tube

Paint Work- all finish work is an additional cost to repair work with costs subjective to each frame

– Nude finish, no paint (Edges sanded straight; UV protectant applied) $50
– Clear coat over the repaired area (Matte clear cannot be matched exactly) approx. $100+
– One opaque color touchup (We can match most colors, but some are impossible to match perfectly) approx. $150+
– Restore frame back to original paint scheme with design/decal work custom quote

(Most factory logos can be replicated. Matte finish will not blend back into the original paint. Masking fees may apply to paint restoration services and final estimate will be provided for customer approval.

Details You Should Know

International customers, please note on the box and forms that the item is for repair. Otherwise, you will be liable for import duties. Phone or email estimates are simply estimates, not a binding quote.  Once we’ve inspected the frame, we’ll provide a quote.

How to Properly Pack Your Frame



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