Calfee Design Team


Liz Whiteley


Race Category – A

Born and raised in San Carlos, CA, I’ve lived up and down the coast (with a few stints on that other coast, too). Santa Cruz has been home for over a year and half now, and I’m stoked to be here. I love playing outside, whether its riding, running, surfing, swimming or just drinking beers in the sunshine.

What I love about cyclocross: the friendly-but-competitive atmosphere and that pukey feeling you get as you cross the finish line and you think your heart is about to explode and you seriously question the merit of taking that last beer handup. Yeah. That feeling.

In addition to racing, I’m really passionate about bicycle advocacy and making bike transportation a fun and accessible means of travel for more people. Bikes are a way of life (and Calfee makes some really cool ones!)

I look forward to crushing it with Team Calfee/Family Cycling this season. Cheers to podium finishes and more cowbell.

Anderson Shepard


Race Category – 35 A+

Born in Crested Butte, CO in 1980, I was riding single track as soon as the training wheels came off. Over the years I developed a sickening affinity for aerobic punishment and competed in many ultra-distance cross-country and back-country ski events.

After dabbling in competitive road cycling for a few seasons, I discovered the fantastic and weird world of cyclocross and has been hooked ever since. There is something magical about the combination of off-road riding, high-intensity cardiovascular output, and beer… Over a few seasons I raced my way through the B’s, dabbled in the open A’s and now finds himself wise (and old) enough to join the seasoned ranks of the 35+ masters.

Outside of riding bikes (as if there was such a thing) he enjoys backcountry adventures, surfing, cooking and eating good food, playing the mandolin and guitar and spending quality time with the people he loves (like Liz).

While admittedly not destined for the UCI circuit, I am stoked for a great season of racing in the Central Coast and NorCal, and showing off to the world the awesomeness of Calfee bikes and representing Family Cycling Center and all our sponsors.


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