In the Press; “The Most Beautiful Bike”

Dragonfly Pro Module in Rootbeer Translucent

It has been a good start to the year for Calfee in the cycling press; we received accolades from Road Bike Action, VeloNews,, All Hail the Black Market and even Ralph Lauren.  Take a peek and see what they had to say about our Bamboo frames, our Di2 Internal Battery and Wiring System and, more generally, about our carbon craftsmanship and finishing quality.  Make certain to consider the 2011 HTC – High Road Specialized S-Works SL3 that we retrofit with our Di2 product for a VP at Shimano; they showed it during the 2011 Sea Otter Classic this April.

Road Bike Action, Feb 2011; “Just the other day all activity in the palatial RBA office literally came to a halt when a new test bike was pulled from its box. It literally took our breath away and made us realize A. Just how exquisitely beautiful a bicycle could be be made and B. How fabulous it is that the artisan nature of the industry still thrives.”

VeloNews, Feb 2011; “Craig Calfee has developed a Di2 battery that’s built into an Enve seatpost…” Make sure to enjoy the video., Feb 2011; “Among the highlights are a custom Di2 battery housed inside the seatpost and a set of Shimano’s latest sprint shifters – an extra set of buttons mounted directly to the drops for faster shifting and no need to move your hands when going full-out – trick Mad Fiber carbon tubular wheels, a full complement of cockpit components from Enve Composites, Selle Italia’s SLR Teknologika Flow saddle and a SRM power meter.”

All Hail the Black Market, April 2011; “I suppose what intrigued me the most about this is simply that a small company took a thing that would previously been thought of as a perfect design, and actually made it better. According to Mike, the powers that be at Shimano are pretty juiced by their efforts, and already have had a few installed in bikes for testing in hopes to get them on pro team bikes later on this summer. I also liked that it looked good by a can of beer…”

All Hail the Black Market, April 2011; “Fortunately for me, Wayne pulled out his own personal speed cycle which was equipped with said wonderment and not only let me take an assortment of photos of it, but allowed me to take it on a spin. When no one was looking, I did like three bunny hops on it and a couple of sick skidz, but don’t tell him that.  At any rate, here is what his bike looked like with the battery pack, and all of the Calfee applied buffing…”

Ralph Lauren Magazine, April 2011; “Stylish bicycles have become the accessory du jour.  RL selects the eight most covetable rides…Hardly an eco-friendly gimmick, bamboo in fact makes for a surprisingly high-performance bike frame, offering stiffness, durability, and comfort.”



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