“Are you sure you can fix that?!”


Few weeks go by without hearing those words around here.
The short answer is ‘yes’. Of course its a bit more complicated than that, but in most cases Calfee can put your ride back in order.

We are able to repair a wide range of damage, from minor nicks to complete separations.

To repair a crack, we sand away the damaged area plus 1-2inches. This removes any stress risers and creates a strong area for the new layers of carbon. After building up with new carbon, we sand once again so the old and the new lay as flat as possible. A repair such as this can be done as a patch, or a full wrap around the tube. A full wrap is required when the crack is more than 1/3 the diameter of the tube, or if the area is soft to the touch. This allows enough room to be able to properly reinforce the tube for a strong, long lasting repair.

If the crash caused some major damage- say separated or missing carbon, it can still be repaired! We have re-attached many head tubes and seat masts, as well as small seat stays with large sections missing.

After the frame is back to full strength (or sometimes even stronger!) the frame is ready for refinishing. This can range from leaving the area unpainted with just a protectorant to keep the epoxy from yellowing from UV rays, to full custom color matching and decal replication. Visit our repairs section for some more before/after shots to see some examples of what can be done to bring your frame back to life!



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